Thursday, July 31, 2008

ARTIST STATEMENT (scroll down to view work)

Artist Statement

Two hallmarks that distinguish humankind from the rest of the animal kingdom remain the ability to make tools and the inclination to reflect on experiences. Too often, however, fast paced life styles with rat race schedules and contrived social roles propel individuals unconsciously through the day, eroding the facility for reflection. As a result, modern men and women seem at times to have lost the capacity for focusing within themselves. “The meter is running”, bottom line mentality permeates Western culture and devalues talking about, and working with unpleasant emotional states. This significant disconnect interferes with opportunities for genuine encounters with others. In place of genuine selves, contemporary men and women tend to assemble a faux self crafted from fashion and powered by quick fix pharmaceutical remedies that fuel a red-hot consumerism. This series of works attempts to focus attention on arresting the temptation to ignore and deny uncomfortable feeling states and at the same time promote discussion in situations that would ordinarily be kept at a superficial level. These crafted wearable sculptures make it difficult to ignore the anxiety generated within the wearer and within the observer. The resulting Edward Scissorhands-type body in the midst of a group also provokes conversation with people encountered in the environment. A more interesting and more genuine dialogue happens, catapulting the experience out of the ordinary space and time of a typical day. This anti-fashion offers an opportunity for empathy, replacing predictable social interchange.

Each device evolved around a specific source of angst, in which an individual remains trapped by a place, time and internal state that is uncomfortable. Depression, social anxiety, feelings of isolation, and aggression plague every life. Unlike Eastern Buddhist Thought that begins with the premise that “life is suffering”, Western contemporary culture seeks to push away pain so these devices go against the grain. By slowing down perception and contemplating the pain, a small positive adjustment is accomplished.

Staking the Claim

100 years ago a ansestor of mine traveled West seeking gold and silver. He found himself on the far end of Montana where he staked his claim. In the end he passed without any children or clear wishes of who would inherit the land. For the past 75 years this land has been spread out among relatives with little official documentation of who actually owns it.

I have been fascinated with the rich history that surrounds this land for years. Finally last month I traveled to these mines to reclaim my families land. What I found was incredible, remnants of mines, a cabin, and an uneasy mountain man that shot at me twice before running me off the family claim.

Above are images of a ritual reclamation of my families Montana mine.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


S.H.A.K.E is a device used to document and later study hand shakes.
Its purpose is to better understand and perfect "first meetings".

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sarcophagus (cast bronze, concrete)

Sarcophagus is an ongoing project that marks and immortalizes dog shit. The piece consists of a cast bronze dog pile atop a concrete plinth. There are currently 13 Sarcophagi in existence located from Baltimore to Chicago. The specific location of each monument is random, but exclusive to wherever dog shit can be found.

21 Constructive Objects (M7 bayonets, cast plastic, common objects)

M3-PS (cast plastic, steel)

The M3 Personnel Shield or Semi-Adjustable, Fully Automatic, Moral Compass, for maintaining Personal Space while displaying Moral Bearings, is a training device for handling public interface.
It is compatible with both M-16 and ak47 assault rifles.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

A.W.A.R.E. (pneumatics, mechanical components, fiberglass)

A.W.A.R.E. is a device worn on the body to assist in focusing on ones surroundings. A.W.A.R.E. holds the head up and mechanically pans the head back and fourth in a typewriter motion, forcing the viewer to take time and engage the surrounding environment.

EQUALIZER (electronic and mechanical components)

Please read comments for explanation of work.

Please read comments for explanation of work.