Sunday, March 26, 2006

EQUALIZER (electronic and mechanical components)

Please read comments for explanation of work.

Please read comments for explanation of work.


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Equalizer is a system that allows two people of differing strength to compete in a boxing-like match. Inside each pair of the boxing gloves contact microphones transmit the sound of punches to an amplifier and then to a voltage unit meter. The VU meter provides an observing referee with a visual interpretation of the sounds that rates the impact. Next the referee calibrates the volume of each player’s system to read 15 units on the VU meter when a player punches the bag as hard as possible.

Once the referee has adjusted the player’s volume output to equal 15 unit readings on each meter, the two players take turns hitting a punching bag as hard as they can with their left and right fists. The referee monitors the impact on the VU meter. If a player fails to hit the bag with his or her “personal best”, the referee calls “fault” and the player continues hitting the bag until the meter registers 15 voltage units. A that point, the other player takes a turn with the bag.

There are 125 points in the “game”. A point is scored when a player hits the bag with first a left and then a right fist as hard as possible. A player earns 125 points from 250 maximum impact punches, as faults do not count.

There is no winner or loser, only a level playing field with two equally exhausted players. Physical prowess and champion play no role in an Equalizer Match.

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